Star's Barleywine   

Usually at the end of my very infrequent posts, I ask for readers to share stories about Sarcasmo with the rest of us, I knew you guys were reading it! This lovely sweet story was sent to me by friend of the corner Tom.

Several years ago now I made a small batch of strong beer, sort of an attempted belgian ale thing, as sort of a tribute to [info]sarcasmoscorner. I owed her a bottle of Chimay, y'see,and I never got to pay up.

The results were disappointingó it didn't ferment much at first, basically a mild ale with a lot of extra sugaró so I never mentioned it to anyone. Left one bottle in the basement, didn't even bother to put a suitable label on it. Forgot about it entirely.

Now I'm discarding box upon box of stuff in preparation to move, and amidst four dozen empty grolsch bottles (I will never again ask movers to move my empty beer bottles for me, geez what a jackass move) I come across this thing. Still labeled "BAST.BOB ROSEMARY BREW."

Y'see, a decade ago (!) I made a batch of beer with rosemary rather than hops, out of historical curiosity: they used rosemary before they used hops. Guess what, it was weird and different and people largely didn't care for it.

I thought it was that stuff so I wasn't too excited, but I was curious what ten years might have done, so I poured a glass anyway.

It was the beer I'd made for Star. Apparently it decided to take its own sweet time fermenting in the bottle.

It is Star's barleywine. It is heavenly. And there is just one bottle in the world, half of which is already in my belly. Sorry about that guys. (:

Tom Boutell

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Posted by Star on Sunday, April 18, 2010
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All Hail Sarcasmo, and Her Friends   

Clearly as you are reading this, I have stopped wringing my hands and cursing my wretched fate. It's tough to type and wring at the same time.
Relief has come in the person of Friend of the Corner, Wandering Star, ( how appropriate is that alias in this situation ?) who has gallantly stepped forward to facilitate moving Sarcasmo's Corner. By facilitate, I mean he is doing it all. He is optimistic, and so am I.
As with any move, things don't always go back into place right away. Since we don't know what the initial result will look like, WS suggested a please excuse our dust post until he neatens it up. So this is it.
To all of you who, like myself, lack technical expertise but sent wishes of good luck, and moral support, I want you to know that it means a lot. And a big thank you to this Friend of the Corner who also offered his assistance.
What a tribute to Sarcasmo that her friends are there for her.
See you when the dust settles. And if anyone wants to help with the unpacking, well,

Sarcasmo's Corner invites you to participate on this blog. If you have any stories to share, or links you think Sarcasmo would post, please send them to; . Or leave them in a comment. We thank you all for keeping Sarcasmo's Corner a place for her friends to gather.

Posted by Star on Thursday, March 04, 2010
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This Blog Is Moving and I Need Some Help With the Heavy Lifting   

Dear Friends of the Corner, I think I may be in over my head here. We all know that Sarcasmo was the technical support of both this blog and mine. She set them up, and whenever there were any little hitches, I wrung my hands and cursed my wretched fate while she made all the necessary adjustments. She promised that one of these days she would teach me what she knew. I honestly don't know how she came by all this internet savvy. Except that it often strikes me as a foreign language, and she was good with that. Ask her sisters about the time she got them directions in Europe using her high school french.
Now, Blogger has notified me, and the rest of the 5% of their customers who use FTP publishing that they can no longer dedicate their resources to that. So, if I want to continue posting to Sarcasmo's Corner, as well as my own blog, Wednesdays Off, I have to move them.


If it were just Wednesdays Off, I wouldn't care too much. If I screw it up, I can just start over.But that is not an option for the Corner.
I have been doing some research on the site that hosts the blogs, and on blogger. It has answered some questions, but created others. I think there are a couple of things that could happen.

1. I don't do anything. The blog will never be updated, but all of her words will still be there. Not the way I would want it to be, but better than having the whole thing go poof.

2. I find another platform that does support FTP publishing. I am guessing that would require it's own expertise that I don't possess the skills for either. And, who's to say I won't find myself right back in this position in the near future ?

3. I try to move Wednesdays Off first, and if that goes horribly wrong I revert to option number 1. Sounds like a plan except that Wednesdays Off is a sub domain of Sarcasmo's Corner.
I am not sure if they can be separated.

4. I use the migration tool that Blogger is supposed to release tomorrow to relocate Sarcasmo's Corner, and let the chips fall where they may.

What do you think? I would like to back up both blogs before I do anything, but having watched the tutorial video several times, I know that I still don't know what I'm doing. I called the host site support the last time I had a technical problem. I explained the level of my technical prowess. The tech was very nice, and I think he did his best to simplify his answers. It was still beyond me. If you watch The Big Bang Theory, I felt like Penny listening to Sheldon.
I am open to any and all suggestions, and welcome any assistance you can offer. Is there someone, or a service, that I can hire to do this for me ?( while I wring my hands and curse my wretched fate?). If you can help, or you know someone I can contact, please email me at .

In case this is my last post here, I wanted to let you know that Slouching Towards Bedlam is, well, Slouching on. Peccable let us in on this news:

A gentleman in Sweden, going for his doctorate in a Studies in
and Literature program did an analysis of the Gothic
tradition in what contemporary interactive fiction.

He analyzed 4 pieces, including Slouching, which he did a 30 page
analysis of before comparing and contrasting it with other works,
including Bram Stoker's Dracula.

He compared it to Bram Stoker's Dracula. Can you imagine her joy?

Interest in Slouching has also been expressed by another party for use as an example in a textbook.

If by chance this is the last post, many thanks to you all. For everything.

Posted by Star on Sunday, February 21, 2010
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Enlightened by Monkeys   

Sarcasmo was quite enamored of monkeys. For that reason alone she would have been delighted by the baby shower. Monkeys were represented. On outfits with feet, crib sheets and blankets and all kinds of baby accoutrement. She would also have been delighted that the party was for Friend of the Corner Poppy, who was looking all lovely and radiant. There was much of the traditional ooohing & aaahing, and we had cake and got to play with crayons and watercolors before we went home.
According to a few online references, the baby shower was originated in the 18th century by a German silversmith named Franz Schauer , to encourage gift giving by the well do do in New York. Kind of like the way Hallmark has made up holidays to sell greeting cards.
So what essentially began as a marketing ploy was morphed into yesterdays lovely gathering of friends, old and new. And monkeys.
Today is Valentines Day, or as we suggested in a previous post, Compulsory Love day. Sarcasmo was a fan of love, but not so much the day. According to those online references, handwritten valentines gave way to the mass produced variety in the 1800's.
So, baby showers, traditionally a gathering of women were started by a man in order to create a need for his product, and, personally expressed declarations of love were overshadowed by mass produced greetings, both in the Victorian era. That is not what I thought was implied by the term Age of Enlightenment.
Consider yourself enlightened.
Happy Valentines Day.
Much love to Poppy & Feanor and our soon to be here newest Friend of the Corner. May he love monkeys too.

Posted by Star on Sunday, February 14, 2010
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It's All Part of Her Rock & Roll Fantasy   

Sarcasmo was always open to a new adventure. When I heard about the upcoming Ladies Rock Camp here in Center City, I felt sure she would have been organizing the troops into signing up. Who among you would be in the band? And what would you call yourselves?

Sarcasmo's corner is hoping that you will include us among your new year's resolutions. Send any links you think Sarcasmo would have posted, or any Sarcasmo related stories you want to share, to Or post them in the comment section. And thanks for hanging in with us for another year. It means more than we can say.

Posted by Star on Sunday, January 17, 2010
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Damn you Currier & Ives   

Okay, show of hands. Who else woke up this morning and realized that tomorrow was Christmas Eve? Anyone ? Anyone?
Somehow, the lovely serene feeling of presents bought and wrapped and tree bedecked in living room gave way to OMG I STILL HAVE STUFF ON MY "TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS" LIST. How did that happen?
Among the things still on the list for which I was sure I had another week to accomplish was, write an outstanding Christmas themed post for Sarcasmo's Corner.

  1. Bake cookies
  2. Lose 10 pounds
  3. Buy matching Christmas outfits for Sarcas-family.
  4. Write outstanding Christmas themed post for Sarcasmo's Corner
  5. World peace

I tend to over reach every year.
When all else fails I as usual turn to Sarcasmo for some holiday musings. or, as some might consider it, reruns. While searching for the penultimate of her yuletide posts, I came across this Original Sarcasmo. Originally posted December 23, 2003, it is as you would most likely have guessed, about pirates. If you thought it was going to be about Christmas you are either new to the Corner, or you have not been paying very close attention.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Sarcasmo's corner is hoping that you will include us among your new year's resolutions. Send any links you think Sarcasmo would have posted, or any Sarcasmo related stories you want to share, to Or post them in the comment section. And thanks for hanging in with us for another year. It means more than we can say.

Posted by Star on Tuesday, December 22, 2009
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All Hail Sarcasmo   

I never quite know what to post on this day. It is not a day to be heralded, but all the same, it cannot go by unacknowledged. And in many ways, it is just a day.
It is a day to remember. A day to kiss the frog .
It is a day to reflect on what was, and a day to wonder what might have been.
It is a day, like every day I think, to hold her in your heart.
It is a good day, as really is any day, to go to Starbucks and hoist a brew in her honor.

I heard a quote attributed to Ghandi this morning, that I thought was appropriate.

"There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are you will always be in my heart"

And then I thought, seriously, can I bring everybody down just a little bit more, thereby ensuring that they never, ever want to visit the Corner again?

So I perused Sarcasmo's posts1 for a quote she favored. I found this Original Sarcasmo. I dare you to read it and not smile as she takes us on a tour of what was going on in her head at that very moment. Oh, and the quote? It's not in there. You have to get all the way to the last footnote2 and follow the hyperlink to the quote, which was her very first blog post on Sarcasmo's Corner, June 21, 2002.

1.It's a lot like going through old photos. You remember this one and that one, and you keep on going long after you find the one you are looking for.

2. Her footnotes are the best, aren't they?

Posted by Star on Tuesday, December 08, 2009
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Of Tributes and Turkeys   

Don't you love it when you check your email, and there, nestled among the newsletters you regret having signed up for, notices of available billing statements and requests for assistance in transferring large sums of money, you find a missive that warms your heart? I do. One came yesterday from Brian Rapp, who tells me that he was inspired by Sarcasmo's Interactive Fiction. He said that his own work, Orevore Courier was written as a tribute to her.

I am constantly amazed by how many people she touched. Although they never met, Brian tapped right into the Sarcasmo vibe, His game has pirates, and zombies, and zombie pirates!

Just today I heard about this exhibit at the MoMA. I think Sarcasmo would have made plans for a trip to NYC.

I was searching for a Thanksgiving themed Original Sarcasmo , but mostly she just mentioned that she was full. This one is from the Monday after the holiday. Enjoy both. The post and your turkey.

Posted by Star on Sunday, November 22, 2009
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Apparently, She Was on to Something   

A few posts back I told you Sarcasmo's theory about babies. That they are born with all the knowledge of the world but no way to communicate it. The knowledge eventually slips away as the babies acquire motor and language skills, until it is gone forever. Basically, we learn it out of them.

Sarcasmo Jr. sent me the link to this video. As I listened to the very entertaining Sir Ken Robinson espouse his theories on education, I could not help but notice a similar premise.
The video is 20 minutes long, but I enjoyed every minute. Let me know what you think about it.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, November 04, 2009
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Happy Halloween   

Halloween and Saturday ! Can it get any better? Possibly. Here's an Original Sarcasmo to get you in the spirit.
How did you celebrate Sarcasmo's favorite day of the year?

As always, Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will join in the conversation. Send any stories or photos of your Halloween hi -jinks, or any links you think Sarcasmo would have posted, to Or leave them in the comments.

Posted by Star on Friday, October 30, 2009
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